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This is My masters portfolio. It is the concluding project of my English Studies masters degree. This portfolio serves as a space wherein I reflect on my masters work and presents that reflection to my review committee. Additionally, this portfolio is being presented over the internet with the hope that it will aid others gain grounding before or during a bachelors or masters degree with a focus on video games or similar subjects.

This portfolio is divided into four sections, aside from this opening home page. You can access the portfolio sections by clicking on the buttons across the top of the main body of each page. These sections are a critical introduction and three artifacts presented in order of production. Each section contains between two and four subsections. Those subsections are “context”, “paper” and/or “Video”, and “games cited”.

The context subsections situate the presented artifact of that section in the context of its creation. The context is meant to ground the presented artifact in its time, place, and conceptual stage of my thinking about the over arching topic of MMORPG narrative. The paper, and/or video sections are the actual artifacts that compose this portfolio. Finally, the games cited section is an over view of the games discussed or highlighted in each artifact. The subsections can be accessed via buttons situated to the left of the main body in sections where sub sections are available.